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About Us 

A Letter from Fire Chief Ray Carter

To our customers and visitors:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website.  It is with great pride that we present this site to you and it is our most sincere hope that all who enter here will find a website that fulfills not only our purposes, but most importantly, yours.  It has been a major goal of this department to offer the most comprehensive internet-based fire rescue experience ever offered whether you’re visiting the site for fun, for informational purposes, educational research or professional guidance.  Now that we have begun this adventure into cyberspace, I can assure you that this site will exist as a living, breathing entity, continuing to grow and evolve, as we do here, in the beautiful City Of Boynton Beach.  Should you ever find yourself with an unmet need or an unanswered question after visiting us here, please let us know so that we can continue to better serve you in the future. 

It is now my pleasure to lead the fine men and women of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue.  They are to be proudly acknowledged for the excellence with which they carry out their duties.  It is a commonly held belief among them that each and every fire victim or medical patient, no matter what that individual’s situation, be treated like a member of our family.  We strive, on a daily basis, to maintain not only a professional relationship with our customers, but also a personal one.  With a community relationship effort that continues to expand and mature in cadence with the explosive growth that will take place over the next decade throughout our city, we expect our residents will witness and embrace the courage and honor that lives within our firefighters and paramedics in this modern, comprehensive fire rescue service. 

As the Director of Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the City Of Boynton Beach, and as an Executive Fire Officer with over 35 years of experience in this great service, I stand in recognition of our City Manager and every member of the City Commission for their unprecedented support of their fire rescue department.  Without their support, and especially the support of the residents of Boynton Beach, we would all stand at a loss in a time of need.  Instead, we stand at the ready—armed with the kind of quality staff, state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and training that will carry us into the future with the confidence that the city’s public safety and the welfare of its people will be protected to the very best of our human ability.

Again, thank you for stopping by to see us here at www.bbfrd.org.  I hope your experience will be enjoyable and informative so that you, your family and loved ones will become more aware of the dangers we face and how to avoid them.  Please join us in spreading the word by simply sharing this web address with each person on your contact list.  Together, we can help to build a society more educated in fire safety and fire prevention in order that we all might be kept a little safer from the threat.  On behalf of the men and women of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue, I offer our most sincere thoughts, hopes and prayers for you and the continued safety of all whom you hold dear.


Fire Chief Ray Carter, CFO, EFO
Director of Fire and Emergency Medical Services
Boynton Beach Fire Rescue