Spring is here!

Winter is over and Spring is here! The Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Department would like to wish everyone a fun and safe spring! The kids are out of school and temperatures will be climbing… We would like to remind everyone to consider the following helpful tips:

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water to help avoid any heat related incidents.
  • Use Sunblock! Adults and kids as well. Remember to reapply often, especially when playing in and around the water.
  • Make sure your house/pool have been properly child proofed. Gates, fences, locks and of course, adult supervision is a must! Drownings can occur in as little as 2″ of water.
  • Do not mix alcohol with driving boats or personal watercraft – it’s dangerous and illegal!

Being prepared and using some common sense can be the difference between an awesome spring break or a tragic event. Please be safe and have fun!!!



Brought to you by the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County


The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County provides a coloring & activity book aimed at providing you a great tool to educate kids and adults about the dangers of sinking vehicles. According to the Medical Examiner of District 15, Motor Vehicle crashes into canals are the second leading cause of drowning in Palm Beach County. This book contains alot of great information and tips in a format that will make learning fun for kids. We encourage you to print out a copy and share with your friends and family!

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Did you know that 96% of all Child Safety Seats are installed IMPROPERLY?

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Boynton Beach Fire Rescue offers complete Child Safety Seat installations by Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians!

To make an appointment call the BBFRD Car Seat Hotline


At a Boynton Beach Fire Rescue Mobile Fitting Station, Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians will help you check your child’s seat for proper installation. They can check for recall status and safety issues, and provide you with educational information to help you make sure your child is riding safely in your vehicle!


È ske w te konnen?

96% tout chez machin timoun installe` mal nan machin!

Nan yon Boynton Beach estasyon ponpye mobil nomal , setifye pitit sekirite chez teknisyen pral ede w tcheke chez pitit ou a pou yon bon enstalasyon.  Yo ka tcheke pou rantre kondisyon ak sekirite kesyon yo, epi  bay ou  edikasyon enfomasyon  pou ede w pou pi si ou ap kouri san danje nan machin ou!

Rele telefon` direk nan che`z oto pou Boynton Beach ponpye a jodi

a pou yon randevou.


¿Sabía usted?

el 96% de todos los asientos de coche de niño se instala incorrectamente!

En un Boynton Beach rescate móvil de conexión estación de bomberos, técnicos del asiento de seguridad infantil certificados le ayudarán a comprobar que el asiento de su hijo para una instalación adecuada. Pueden comprobar el estado de recuperación y pregontas de seguridad

y proporcionarle información educativa que le ayudarán a asegurarse de que su hijo es conducido con seguridad en su vehículo!

Llame hoy al línea directa de asiento de automóvil de rescate de bomberos de Boynton Beach para programar su cita!